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Core 4 calls on staff to provide focused, fast, flexible, friendly customer service

Imagine the impact of 20,000 employees intently focused on providing exemplary customer service in every aspect of our work, whether we are serving the public or working alongside colleagues.  The results would surely be exceptional in every way. Dallas ISD’s customer service initiative, the Core 4, is designed to embed the best tenets of customer service into the day-to-day work of each staffer in the district.

By remaining focused on student achievement, and being fast, flexible, and friendly in the delivery of services and products, externally and internally, district staff will provide a positive customer service experience for everyone we interact with and serve.

To encourage integration of the Core 4 into all areas of the district and share how departments are growing the initiative, we are implementing Core 4 Fridays. Each department is asked to share how they are starting the conversation about the Core 4 and rolling it out in their areas. Please send a brief narrative and any photos that apply to Stories and photos will be shared each Friday on the district’s Staff Page and on the Core 4 website.

You also have an opportunity to nominate employees who are providing exemplary customer service.

To learn more about the Core 4 and to find valuable resources, logos, and downloadable collateral, visit: